Hi. I'm Alagappan Ramu.

I am a Graduate Student in Computer Science at the University at Buffalo, New York with strong interests in Python, Django, Web Programming, Scalability, Data Analysis, Data Visualization and in developing robust and elegant Software Applications that solve specific user needs.

I have 3+ years of professional software development experience. I have also regularly taught programming.

I am also a long distance runner and an occasional trekker.

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I have taught Programming in Python, Basics of Web Application Development and Basics of Shell Scripting to over 10 batches of new employees at Global Analytics over the course of a year.

I also taught Introduction to Python programming to a group of 25 faculty members from various academic institutions as part of the "Python for the Web" (PyWeb) Faculty Development Program at SSN School of Management and Computer Applications.


I had been blogging frequently back in college. And after a brief lull, I have been blogging intermittently since then. I have tried my fair share of blogging platforms from Blogger to Wordpress. For a while I was on Python static site generator Pelican. Now I am back to good old Wordpress.

I write about a number of topics that include Programming, Travel, Trekking, Running, Music and Movies. You could find a number of posts about my Alma Mater National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.

While I don't blog that often anymore, I do occasionally come up with posts about my travels or my half marathons and marathons!

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