7 reasons I started washing my own clothes

Washing clothes has been one of the most painful activities a person has to do when in hostel. Of course there are other alternatives to avoid doing this work. But postponing the ‘Washing Ceremony’ often results in the accumulation of a lot of clothes, which are then carried all the way to Chennai. I recently decided to start washing my clothes on my own by finding suitable time for it between the busy schedule which I have.

Here are a few reasons why I’ll do it regularly from now on. \m/

7. It’ll please my roommate.!
If you divide my room into two my part of the room would be full of papers, clothes and books lying throughout and it’ll take more than a minute to even find my mobile from this mess. And Rachit’s half would be clean and neatly maintained. So it’ll be a relief for him to see my part of the room becoming more clean.

6. Keeps my room clean.
It’ll make my room a better place to live.

5. Reduces Luggage when traveling to Chennai.
Every NITTian who is from Chennai travels home at least once in a month. And it is during such trips that we take all our dirty clothes and give it for washing at home. It’ll please my Mom and will also reduce the luggage that I got to carry home each time.

4. Saving Laundry Charges.
I see a lot of guys giving their clothes in the laundry shop located within the campus. Washing one’s own clothes saves these laundry charges.

3. Preventing formation of Bacteria and Viruses.
Not washing clothes for a long time makes it a suitable dwelling place for various bacteria and viruses. So i’m now on a mission to kill all these organisms.

2. Finding Old Question Papers, Bills etc.
Finding such papers stuffed inside the pant pocket’s is common at least for me. Once I start washing clothes I find all these old cycle test question papers, CPC papers etc neatly stuffed inside my pockets.

1. Finding Money..!! $$$$$$
It had been a habit for me to keep coins and currency notes in my pant pockets instead of the wallet. Once removed I often forget to take the money out of it. And it is upon occasions like these that I discover such treasures from my pockets.