At Work

It has been quite sometime since I said goodbye to my college life. I’ve just started my innings an employee. I’m now in the process of getting into the groove. Its been a week since I joined my present company, Global Analytics, and I’m learning a lot stuff, especially Python and Django. At the onset of your professional career, there is a steep learning curve. I’m glad to say that I’m learning a lot and it is indeed a nice experience. I’m back to being a inquisitive and a curious fellow. Thanks to the internet I have most of my questions answered instantly. And since its fun to learn, I haven’t entered the TGIF syndrome. At least not yet.

And more importantly I finally get to say to people that I’m at work. It maybe just for showing off, or probably for just avoiding something. So all you people out there, I’m at work! (And I’m not blogging from office.  🙂 ).