Death of Chennai Super Kings?

The future of Chennai Super Kings and even the IPL is at stake. As of today, there’s is even doubt about the existence of the franchise by dawn tomorrow. The spot-fixing scandal started off small with the arrest of a few players in the Rajasthan Royals camp and slowly expanded to celebrities, bookies and now even Gurunath, the owner of CSK is arrested. The timing couldn’t have been been more painful, just before the finals of the super exciting tournament.

There have always been accusations of match-fixing and that the whole of IPL is a tamasha. Fans of the tournament have always been in denial. The very fact that all of this could indeed have been orchestrated like the WWE – could be traumatic. The biggest loser in all this are us fans who follow every ball with so much fervour. I had even passionately written about being a proud fan of the team.

Even ‘The Hindu’ has carried a very-TOI like headline saying ‘CSK owners become Cover-up Super Kings‘ which is quite true. The twitter bio of Gurunath has gone from mentioning him as the Team Principal of CSK to removing all references of CSK from his profile. EvenCSK’s website has been removing all references of Guru. What they don’t realize is that there is no ‘deleting’ once your website is open to the public. There is Google cache. There is the Wayback Machine. Incredibly lame attempts at covering up their mistakes.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post about CSK, the Chennai team probably has the most number of loyal fan following. The team owners could have done something to capitalize on this following to make money and not resort to illegal routes like betting and put all their fans to shame. The CSK legacy might just go down the drain. It is a sad day of CSKfans. 🙁

We can only hope that the credibility of Cricket and IPL is restored after all this. Our support will always be for ‘Chennai’ and its players. The league should not be banned. If not CSK, there’ll be another Chennai Team like how Deccan Chargers became Sunrisers Hyderabad. Without brand ‘CSK’ it wouldn’t be that much fun for sure though.

People are good too. As Harsha Bhogle said, Cricket needs good men now more than ever before. They too exist alongside other kinds.

Keep Calm & Carry On

~A disappointed CSK Fan