Discovering Foodies

Ever since college, I had always been enthusiastic towards exploring cuisines, eating out and discovering new restaurants. Had been incessantly eating out which was part of the reason why I rapidly gained 25kgs after college before I started some arduous physical activity to control the same.

There were some food blogs like Chennai Foodie and Eat with Eyes that I used to discover new eatouts in Chennai city. Apart from these, most of our destinations were last minute decisions made usually after watching a movie. So when Zomato came along, it help quite a lot in discovering new places to eat. I created my profile there and started writing reviews about various Chennai restaurants whenever we ate out. Yes, Burrp! did exist ealier, but it didn’t appeal to me because of its scattered website and distractive user interface.

When I was discussing with a friend about foodie communities, he gave me details about a group called the Chennai Food Guide (CFG) and was shocked that I didn’t know about it. Even I myself was shocked! Being an ardent foodie and a active member of various social networks, it was startling to me that I hadn’t known of this group all these years of my existence in Chennai. Apparently this group was started way back during Orkut days and eventually migrated to Facebook. They have a highly active, vibrant and loyal group of people passionate about food who review restaurants, post opinions, organize meet-ups etc. This is the group that I was looking for all these days!

The food scene in India is growing. At least in major cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore for now. Looking forward to being a part of Zomato, CFG et al., learn more about food and gather some interesting experiences.