Gravatars for you

Gravatars are Avatars which you can use on your blogs, on other blogs where you comment and anywhere on the internet. Having an image associated with your mail ID enables you to easily use it in other blogs and websites without having to upload one on each of them.

Why am I telling you this?

This is because it gives you a complete blogging experience. Whenever you comment on other blogs you are given a plain image or a random image as an avatar. Instead, wouldn’t you like to have your image or an image of your choice follow wherever you post and comment? When I see comments on my blog posts I see a rather boring gravatar logo adjacent to the user’s name. I often wish that it’d be more interesting to have all my friends own an avatar for themselves and hence this post is an attempt in making them do so.

Just check out a small screen shot. Notice how having a gravatar gives that extra something to your comments.


What are Gravatars? 

These are Globally Recognized Avatars which is a service provided by which is owned by Automattic.

How to get one?

  • Visit
  • Sign Up with your E-Mail ID.
  • After confirmation, upload an image to the gravatar site.
  • Resize and adjust you image as needed and submit it.
  • And you are Done.

Give a face to your name and your mail id. Its fun. Just try it out.