Infinite Gmail Addresses

There’s a neat little trick to get the most out of your Gmail account that I have been using for a few years now. I had shared this with the testing team at my previous company and they used it to create multiple test accounts with the same Gmail account. When I was talking to a friend the other day, he mentioned that he was unaware of the same. So here’s a post on the same.

When you create a Gmail address, it looks as follows: “”. (Note: As a bonus you also get to play around with, thanks to a trademark dispute in the UK in 2006 which was later resolved).

There are a couple of ways to tweak your address aand still be able to receive your email.

  • Add one or more dots anywhere in your email address.
    Gmail ignores these dots, so you get to use any number of dots and still have a valid email address. So you could tell others that you email address is, or userna…
  • Append a PLUS (‘+’) sign and text
    You get to create infinite addresses again by appending a ‘+’ sign followed by any combination of words or numbers. For e.g., with, you can create,,, and so on.

The advantages of using your Gmail this way is that it is easy for you to track your email and create filters based on these. As a internet citizen, it is common to signup for a website every now and then. So when you do so, you could just add the website name after your email ( to keep track of it.

Note: If you have a Google Apps account with a custom domain, it does not ignore dots in addresses.