Learning Python

I’ve been learning Python for over 2 weeks now. I’m going to share some of my experiences with it here.

Python is a language which can be easily used by a beginner as well as a programming expert. It is fun to program and play with. Python is one of the languages which is simple yet powerful. It is clean, readable and has a minimalistic syntax. It uses indentation to delimit blocks which contributes to the readability factor. Its interactive mode makes it easy to test small snippets of code. You can also use the python interpreter as a calculator.

It is a wonderful language and if you are a programmer you should definitely learn it. It helps you focus on the solution rather than on the syntax. I’m so into python these days that I’ve revived my SPOJ profiles after years. I rewrote pieces of my old SPOJ codes using python. I could compress those codes to a very few lines. With a fresh start I’m planning to solve more problems on SPOJ and other similar sites.

For those who don’t know python interpreter and the extended standard libraries are freely available at http://python.org. The site also contains documentation and links to impressive tutorials.


Learning Python is simple and I guess the official documentation available at the Python site should do. If you want more, the book Byte of Python can be comprehensive tutorial. You may want to read other links depending on your interest and requirements. Have fun coding with Python.