Never delete another email

When Google launched Gmail long ago, it proclaimed that Gmail users wouldn’t ever have to delete another email. Every email was stored and indexed so that it would be easily searchable when needed.


Just like Google said, people stopped deleting their emails. We didn’t have any issue since the initially available space of 1GB kept increasing for quite some time.


But well, there ain’t no such thing as free lunch. The growth stopped at around 10 GB sometime in 2012. And in mid 2013 Google introduced 15GB of shared storage space between Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos (which also includes your photo backup from your Android phone). If you go beyond that you would have to pay them for additional storage. Hah!


And as it happens, I have a lot of subscriptions to various newsletters and a number of other statements from banks etc. And I take quite a lot of photos with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and have automatic photo backup with Google+ enabled. So I guess I’ll be running of out storage space quite soon.

Yahoo! now offers 1 TB of free storage on Yahoo! Mail and 1 TB on Flickr. Time to make a change? I guess I’ll start by moving my automatic photo backup off Google+ to Flickr. It would be tough to move off Gmail for quite sometime though.