New Google Reader #Fail

Google Reader has always been a great RSS subscription tool for me to keep up with the latest posts of my favorite blogs. Apart from that, it has(had) been a great source for me to find new content that my friends were sharing. This was an important reason for me using their service because it helped me find interesting posts shared by like minded people who follow blogs regularly. It helped me find new blogs that I myself can subscribe to.

Google, in their attempt to integrate Reader with their infant social network Google+, have killed that. They have totally removed the entire setup of following others and the Reader specific ‘share’ button. If I find something interesting, I can only share it on Google+, which I rarely use. Moreover, there is a big difference between sharing on Reader and Google+. When I am in a mood to read, I wouldn’t want to wade through zillions of crappy status updates.

And it seems Google just doesn’t care. Reader is going to stay like this and it wants people-who-don’t-like-it to move on.

In all, the new redesigned Google Reader is a big #Fail. It is now just a plain feed reader but a good one at that. Despite all this, I don’t think I’ll move on because I don’t think there is a better feed reader in the market yet.