On Not Writing

It’s been close to 3 years since I wrote a post on this blog. I always start writing a post hoping that it would kick-start a pattern/habit of writing more often on my blog. Fingers crossed on whether this would be one such post or whether the blog will again fall into a neglected state.


Starting a writing habit is much harder that I thought it would be. While it does feel good to start writing after a long break and I punch in a few dozen paragraphs on a number of different topics, I rarely publish them. I’ve always felt that the quality of those posts were low and failed to communicate the topic properly. Would it be better to type out a few paragraphs of crappy thoughts and publish it or say nothing at all? I’ve almost always gone with the latter, since it is painless and no effort is expended. Solving this problem will take time and practice. Like Jeff Atwood once posted –  Quantity always trumps quality. Whether its software, or blog posts – if you aren’t building, you aren’t learning.


Anyway, I found the motivation to write this today, and that’s a start.