On the way to root my Android

It’s been little over a year since I got my Wildfire. Its warranty has now expired. And with quite a few new models up its sleeve, HTC has stopped support for the Wildfire. Guess what, they are now redirecting HTC.com/wildfire to their latest phone catalog.

With much newer versions of Android floating around, and mine still stuck in 2.2.1, I decided a couple of days back to ROOT my phone. And being a newbie to this whole rooting thing, I began to do a bit of research.

Here is what i found:
-You can find the HBOOT version by turning off your phone and then powering it on with the ‘volume down’ button pressed.
-Depending on the version of HBOOT, there are a few apps that would help you change your phone from S-ON to S-OFF.

-Once the phone becomes S-OFF it hardly takes few minutes to deploy a custom ROM.

-CyanogenMod seems to be the preferred community based custom ROM.

-**If something fails during the rooting process, your phone is ‘bricked’. i.e. it can no longer be used.**

-Most guides have a disclaimer for bricked phones saying something like “I am not responsible for your stupidity”.

Despite the last two points being significant deterrents, I am all set to root my phone. More updates in the subsequent posts as I proceed through the process.

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