On Writing

Ever since I started writing here, I have written on a variety of topics that include movies, running, trekking, food, college life, social networking and last but not the least software development and programming. I’ve occasionally wanted to write on a single niche topic, but hey, this is a personal blog and I have no qualms about writing on random topics that come to my mind and I intend to keep doing so.

The hosting account that me and my brother used to host our blogs had expired a few weeks ago. The problem with hosting with a tiny, almost-uknown web host is that you get almost zilch support when you need. That person is yet to respond to any of our mails and I am not even sure if he is monitoring his mails. The problem now is that I have quite an outdated backup of my blog in my desktop pc (taken way back in 2010) and no way to know if I’d be able to recover some of my newer content. Once I catch hold of those, then I’d start looking for migrating data from wordpress to pelican.

At the beginning, I used to add different kind of stats monitoring scripts to see the number of hits that my blog posts get. Some posts were popular, some were absolutely ignored. Later on I realized the futility of having stats on a personal blog that I neither update quite often nor have any intention of monetizing by ads. So in this new incarnation of the blog, I don’t think I will be adding any such scripts. I hope to keep writing for personal satisfaction rather than social appreciation. But if you do find any of the posts interesting/disgusting or worth discussing/debating, do let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

It is amazing how a person’s written English deteriorates quite easily without practice. I get close to none at work, except for some code documentation and the occasional emails that you are bound to reply to. This blog is probably the only place where I write something. I guess like always, I’ll make a resolution again to write here more often. Not quite sure how long it’ll last this time.