Running in 2013 and looking ahead at 2014

2013 was an interesting running year for me. Having just completed my first half marathon in December 2012, I started off the year with great energy.

I had registered for the half marathon that was happening at Auroville in early Feb 2013 and had begun training for it. I completed the run in 2:19:20 a bit slower than my first half marathon. However, I was enthused over my next long distance run.

I then registered for the Dream Runners Half Marathon that was to happen on July 7th. Apart from this, I also registered for the triathlon that was being organized by the Chennai Trekking Club, who had begun to diversify their events from just trekking to a number of other sport events.

One of the training plans on RunKeeper appeared good to me – The sub 2hr half marathon training plan. I signed up for it and started running near the Velachery railway station. Yet, due to a number of reasons, I never went past two weeks of running. All I saw were red blotches all over my training plan. I never trained as much I should have.

Feb 2013 Running March 2013 Running

Despite not much training and a sumptuous farewell dinner by one of my departing colleagues on the race day eve, I geared up to go run the Dream Runners half. I got up just on time and reached the venue just a wee bit late. The half marathon had started when I was parking my vehicle. We were allowed to start though, as we had been provided timing chips. I eventually completed the run in about 2 hours 47 minutes which was way slower than my previous runs.

Next in line was the triathlon by CTC. I again woke up late and reached the venue quite a few minutes after the event started. In this case, since things were manually monitored, I wasn’t allowed to participate. I, however, stayed on and cheered for one of my friends who was participating in it.

In the next few months, I moved to the United States for my graduate studies. I did continue running intermittently during the fall season, sometimes on the road and sometimes on the treadmill at the college gym. I started focussing a bit more on gym exercises than running on the treadmill. However, from the onset of winter, my visits to the gym decreased too and gradually I got much busy with assignments and exams that I completely stopped running.

During the last week of the year, I picked up from where I left off and began running around the jogging track at my brother’s apartment complex.

With renewed enthusiasm, I have registered for the Buffalo Marathon happening on the 25th of May 2014. And have started training for the same. It has been a successful three weeks with close to 15 miles/week.

Jan 2013 Activities

The US has numerous running activities for you to keep your self motivated enough. I have yet again signed up for the sub 2 hour half marathon running plan on RunKeeper. Hope that this time it is not going to be as much of a failure as it was last time.

Though classes, assignments and exams do threaten to keep me off course, I am hoping to stay on track in 2014. Jai Running!