Source Code

I reached Escape Cinemas on time for the movie. But my friend who had the ticket was late. Somehow, we have been late to every movie that I have seen with my college friends. Its almost a habit now for everybody to turn up late.

The movie is a sci-fi thriller directed by Duncan Jones, that plays with parallel reality, time travel and multi-dimensional view of life. Source Code is not exactly the type of code that I write daily. Source Code is an American Govt experiment which enables a person to cross over to another man’s identity for eight minutes or something like that. A military man(Jake Gyllenhaal) is used for the experiment. He is sent to locate a bomb in a train, find the guy behind it and prevent another bigger attack happening in the future. He is sent back to the train over and over again, gathering some clues each time, until he could solve the mystery behind who is responsible.

The movie is filled with twists and suspense.  He relives those 8 minutes again and again and again. Essentially the movie is just those 8 minutes thought out in multiple ways. Gyllenhaal does a good job after Prince of Persia but that isn’t sufficient. The character feels incoherent and doesn’t extract sympathy from the audience.

As far as excitement is concerned, it is very limited in the movie. It doesn’t keep you rooted to your seats. It could have been better. The problem with Source Code is the idea of the Source Code. It is totally vague, confusing and nowhere smart when compared to other sci-fi thrillers.