Spam Filters

Ever since I got my blog up again last month, I had been receiving hundreds of spam comments each day. I haven’t ever seen so much spam on my blog earlier and was wondering what could be the reason for such a sudden spam rush. I had to manually mark all comments as spam and delete them. I was cursing all spam bots because those comments got mixed up in other regular comments of the blog and I ended up deleting valid comments as well.

That is when I realized that while getting the site up from the server error, I had deleted most of the plugins because one of them had been causing the problem I didn’t know which one. And at that time, I had also deleted the Akismet plugin. It was the one, which was protecting me from thousands of spam comments all these days. It had come preinstalled with all versions of WordPress shipped after 2.0. I didn’t actually realize its importance until it was gone. Akismet has premium plans as well as free plans. If you are running a small business blog or something that doesn’t run on WordPress, Akismet is a definitely a service worth paying for.