The Indian Victory

Indians look threatening. They have taken over the world. They have shown everyone that they are a formidable force to reckon. We have just won the Cricket World Cup after 28 long years. The sound of crackers was so deafening that it seemed to be an early Diwali. Every Indian was celebrating the victory. From business tycoons to auto drivers. From school kids to 80-year olds. Everyone was in the mood to celebrate and party.

Since the 90s, India has been looking for something which will unite every Indian together. Something which will join us all. We found cricket. We needed something to support their country at. We found cricket. The team’s popularity is a reflection of our national ambition, of pride in national achievement. This Indian victory has been the first one that my generation has seen. Dhoni and his men are the heroes for a new generation.

It was a proud moment when Dhoni hit the winning runs in style with a huge SIX into the packed stands. It was as if he wanted to prove something to the world. That moment will be forever etched in a billion minds.

To savour the winning moments, I have made a photo album consisting of a collection of pictures from Cricinfo and a few other sources.

Here a few articles and blogs that I’m linking to, that relate to this sweet victory.