Trek Diary: Nagala Western Entry

I went on this trek to Nagalapuram with CTC on Feb 12-13th earlier this year. I know. This blog post is coming quite late. But better late than never. I just wanted to ensure that this gets recorded in my blog.

I had been over four months since my previous trek to Nagari. I was (and still I am) badly out of shape and thought its high time I went for another trek. Another one of my friends felt the same way and we registered for a two day trek to Nagala organized by Biju.

We got our prep mail from Biju a couple of days before the trek with the customary ‘Things to Carry’, ‘Timings’ and the ‘Pickup points’. Around 70 people had registered for the trek. The friend along with whom I registered had some work in office and said that he wouldn’t be able to make it. Now I was unsure whether to go to the trek or not. I asked around and finally found another friend interested in joining me for the trek.

We started at around 4 as always and reached Nagala after having breakfast at one of the villages on the way. There was a dam near which we got down from the bus. It was around half an hour walk from there to reach the stream. Unlike Nagari Combo, this was much better since we had water all along the way. About half an hour from the bottom of the stream was the first pool. We walked and jumped over boulders all along the way. It was like Kuruva Islands in Wayanad. It was spectacular. I was one of the first guys to reach the pool so I got the chance to take a few pics of the undisturbed water.

Trek to Nagala - First Pool

After spending over an hour in that pool we proceed towards the next. Its was now that the climb began. But still it was not a big deal and anyone with an above average fitness level should be able to climb it in a jiffy. The second pool was as good as the first one. Biju took the rope and soon tied one end of the rope to a tree and the other next to another tree near the falls. Non-swimmers were able to reach the falls by hanging on to the rope. Here too we spent around an hour soaking ourselves in the water.

We had our lunch at the second pool and moved on. The third pool was amazing with a wonderful waterfall at the end. We climbed the rocks along the falls and reached the top of the falls to proceed further. After a few mins walk from the third pool comes another nice and refreshing waterfall which CTC has named Mini-Kutrallam. After some time under the falls we slept for another half hour. From there began the arduously steep climb. It was almost equivalent to rock-climbing. We almost reached the peak when Biju stopped us. He went alone further ahead and then hurriedly came back and went down. He returned after half an hour. It was sunset time by then. He informed us that we won’t be able to camp at the usual campsite and instead had to move down in a different direction.

We took our torches and started climbing down. It was harder to climb down with our bags, torches and total darkness. Somehow we managed to climb down and reached the camp site at around 8. We took out our noodles and soup packets and got ready for dinner. A couple of guys started the fire and we got cooking. In about an hour all our hunger was satisfied and we went to have a wonderful sleep in the jungle watching the stars.

It was unbelievably chill in the night and I got up quite early to click more photos. After eating ready-to-cook chappathis heated directly on the fire, we set off on our return journey. While on our way back we followed the same trial and it was quite easier than how it was when we climbed up. It took us considerably much time and we didn’t stop at all the pools either.

We covered the entire distance by noon and slept off at the first pool. After everyone woke up we had a intro session before resuming our journey back to the bus.

It was a wonderful two days trekking with CTC. I should also say that Biju did a great job organizing the trek.