We went the capital of God’s Own Country, Wayanad for a three-day trip. Ten of us. This is a big travel log of our trip.

*Warning* You’ll be damn bored by the time you finish reading this. I was. Thats why you can see that the size of each day’s description keeps on decreasing.

Day -0

We left NITT Campus at around 6.30. After dinner at Pushpam’s we boarded the tea garden express which left Trichy station at 8.20. We went through our original itinerary and made a few changes to it based on the distances and the approximate time we’d spend at each of the places. We dropped Chembra Peak from our list of places to be covered. Then Arun spoke to a few people in order to arrange for a cab and for accommodation. We reached Erode station at around 11. Since our train from Erode to Calicut was scheduled at 2 am we roamed around the erode station for about an hour before returning to the station to charge our mobiles.

Day -1

Once we boarded the Mangalore mail we directly went to our berths and fell asleep soon enough. I got up at around 6 and got freshened up in the train itself and i was looking forward to reach the station. We reached Kozhikode station at around 8 and had breakfast at one of the refreshment rooms available in the station. Those who woke up late went to the waiting rooms and got ready. Meanwhile a tempo traveller was waiting for us outside the station. Once everyone was ready we commenced our journey to Wayanad.

At around 11 we stopped at a hotel a few kms before Lakkidi. We drank something called Elaneer juice, which is a juice made up of smashed coconuts and is much differnet from tender coconuts. After buying some more snacks to fill our stomachs, we resumed our journey.

We temporarily halted at a small viewpoint from where there was an amazing view of the mountains and the valleys. After a few minutes travel we reached Pookot lake. It was an amazing lake but the only negative side was the unbearable heat. We hired three pedal boats and went for boating in the lake for about 20 minutes. Just as we were about to get down from our boats a huge group of girls came to the lake. As luck would have it the same group followed us to all the places we visited for the next two days. Coming back to the lake part, there was a beautiful path made around the perimeter of the lake. We walked some distance and clicked a few pics before returning to our van.

Our next stop was the Soochipara falls. One turn at Chundale and we could see numerous tea gardens. It was an amazing sight with so many small mountains covered with tea plantations.

Balki conveniently captured the window seats by threatening to vomit if not given one. It was around this time that most of the guys started talking about kalakkis an half boils from the stomach. But it was Smok who first made the half boil, a few kms before Soochipara.

It was somewhere here that I had a glimpse of the mighty Chembra peak. It was an amazing sight and i totally wanted to be at the top of the peak. but the other guys still preferred not to waste an entire day there. I still have a strong desire to scale the peak and i hope it’ll come true one day.

We reached Soochipara falls at around 2. We placed orders for lunch so that it’ll be ready by the time we return from the falls. Soochipara falls was about 1.5 to 2 kilometres away from the parking location. We had a climb down a bit in the path provided to reach the falls. It was during the same time that a shooting for an Ayurveda product was going on at the falls. Thankfully it didn’t stop us from having some quality time at the falls. We got ourselves all wet at the falls and soaked ourselves in the fresh water there for sometime. Then we started clicking pics at various locations each of us seated on one of the rocks.
After climbing back to the top we ate some fruits and drank some juices before proceeding to the van. After having lunch a few guys did some shopping buying hats, chocolates and tea.

We had originally planned to go to the Karapuzha dam in the evening. but it was almost 5 by the time we left Soochipara. So we stopped at one of the numerous tea gardens on the way to click a few pics.

Since the dam was on our way to the accommodation we thought of giving it a try. Luckily it wasn’t dark by the time we reached the dam. There wasn’t much to see at the dam except for the vast stretch of water and mountains.It was a great spot for landscape pics. I went to a clicking spree taking quite a few pics during sunset.

After it was quite dark we started to our accommodation. It was some Mor Ignatius Nagar, a lodging maintained by the cathedral of Meenangadi which is around 12 kms from Kalpetta. Accommodation was quite cheap there and it was very much comfortable. The same girls gang had followed us to the accommodation too.

We played a few games of bluff before going to sleep.

Day – 2

The next day we got up at around 6 and went for having tea at a nearby tea stall. We also ate the so called banana roast made of nendarampalam. Then after all of us took bath and had breakfast we went to the Edakkal Caves.  It was about a km climb up to reach the caves and after the ticket counter the climb was more steeper. Once at the top the view of the mountains and valleys was spectacular. Inside the caves we found thousands of years old carvings. After more pics clicked there we returned to the van.

We started for our journey to the Kuruva islands. We had lunch at a small hotel in Mananthavady. And we reached kuruva at around 2. Kuruva islands were located between the tributaries of the Kabini river. we had to cross the river to reach the islands. Once inside the islands we clicked a few pics at the seats made of bamboo.
Then we began our walk inside the islands. After walking for a while a few of us wanted to go for rafting. It was just still water rafting where the raft took us across the river! It was nothing like the white water rafting I went in Himachal in 2003.
After roaming around the island for some more time we started to walk back. On our way back we saw the Ayurveda ad shooting with some Saamiyars carrying some herbal stuff. What nonsense! After returning to the van we spent sometime eating before our return to the dormitory.

Day – 3

Next day we got up around the same time and left for the Meenmutty falls. Similar to Soojipara falls, here too we had to climb down the hills to reach the falls. But this was much more exciting and fun since it was peripheral trekking which gave us a spectacular view of the mountains and valleys. We spent quite some time inside the pool of water at the feet of the falls. It was fun.

After filling our stomachs with ice creams and soft drinks we started on our journey to the Calicut beach. We reached Calicut at around 4 and we dranks some milkshakes. It was extremely crowded just like any other place in India on a sunday. At the beach we spent sometime waiting for the sunset. But we had to leave early since our train departed at around 7 from the station. We travelled  till Tirussur in an open ticket. Then we switched trains and we moved on to our berths and slept till Trichy. Had breakfast again at Pushpam’s and reached college at around 9.30.

Overall it was a fun trip which could have been much better if only the climate had been better.