A brand new dev blog!

The idea of having a new blog while intimidating at first, didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. I had been very intermittently blogging at my alagappan.co.in/blog/ and most of the posts there were about my travel, my running experiences and so. When the thought of posting development/technical on the blog, I felt I should create a new blog and keep it separate from the current one.

I had been writing quite a bit of code on a daily basis and thought of having a single location on my domain where I can organize and keep track of them. I will try to collate my code which is currently scattered around in my laptop, in GitHub, in BitBucket or sitting somewhere in one of my cloud backups. They will mostly be code snippets from my side projects, code from my academics or code which I wrote to learn a new technology/language/framework. Though I might not be an expert at some of the things that I write about, I will share my experiences about the same.

I will also write about some of the interesting projects and assignments I have worked on over the course of my graduate degree.

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